Samridhdhi Trust

Details of the present Bridge schools supported by Samridhdhi Trust

TBS ( Thuberahalli Bridge School)
A friend brought her maid's children to get admitted to  SSBS in August,2010 from the Thuberahalli slum. On enquiry they revealed that there were hundreds of families living in this unnotified slum for years together and the children do not go to school, are involved in rag picking and segregation of waste!!  We conducted a survey and then decided to set up a school, first inside one room and then gradually it became 5 room school with more children. There were no toilets in sight, so we built two. The roofs were leaking, we repaired it....water and electricity is hard to comeby....we are still managing and the kids have shown tremendous improvement!!

  • Started in: October,2010
  • No. Of Students : 225 enrolled; Daily attendance varies around 160-175 ( will likely increase after some children enrolled in mainstream school!)
  • Teachers employed by Samridhdhi Trust: Currently 4; will increase to 5 from June
  • Support Staff employed by Samridhdhi Trust:1
  • Achievement: Children admitted to mainstream School: 20 till date in year 2011
  • Struggling to provide school books; Good supply of notebooks and stationeries; School bags, pencil boxes, Educational and play items etc.; another set of uniforms,etc
  • Evening Tuition: All students who have been admitted to mainstream school from the Bridge School will attend regular evening tuition for 2 years which will be conducted by teachers employed separately.

This is one of the schools which will be the major focus in the year 2011. We need to bring the remaining children and enroll at least 50 children to mainstream school by next academic year! we need to also ensure that the children admitted to mainstream school catch up with their academic pressure through rigorous evening tuitions this year! 

Staff salary supported by 

IBS ( Ibblur Bridge School)

We had recently located another slum during a presentation to a local Rotary Club. The community is very similar to Thuberahalli and there are about 120 children revealed after an enrollment survey. We approached the land owner ( slum is in his land). He allotted a patch of land and the community came together to build a large Tent School which can accommodate about 100 children in 3 separate classrooms at a cost of Rs.13,000 borne by Samridhdhi Trust!
Half-day classes have just been started since 15th May and the formal inauguration is set to be in June! 60 children have already started attending school regularly and is showing lots of enthusiasm! During survey, we found that the children have been living there for past 3 years and engaged in rag picking, and are easily getting into drug abuse,violence  and illegal and harmful activities
We have employed 3 teachers for this school. 

We aspire to start breakfast from June and lunch from July in this school! We will also need a support staff from June.
Regular monthly health check-up camps are a regular feature in all Bridge schools. Teachers Training is also getting arranged at regular intervals.

 BBS ( BTM Bridge School)

 This was the second initiative started in June,2010 on the above lines with an ex colleague of the founder of Samridhdhi Trust taking initiative in his own apartment block! The school was hosted in the community hall of a residential building. Residents of the building took interest in the school by teaching as volunteers and one part-time teacher was employed. The school enrolled 17 children, out of whom 7 were admitted to Little Flower English School in 2011. The residents helped to organize sponsorship. Some other children migrated with their families to other places so the numbers dropped considerably! Decision is pending to the effect that if we do not find more out-of-school children in that area then we would dissolve the morning classes in  BBS and run an evening tuition centre for children who have been admitted to mainstream school and other poor children in the vicinity attending Government school!