Samridhdhi Trust

What is Samridhdhi Trust?

Samridhdhi Trust is a start-up, non-profit organization.

Samridhdhi’s Vision is to enable every underprivileged child get access to equal opportunity of holistic education leading to Enrichment orSamridhdhi”

Samridhdhi’s Mission is to ensure measurable, irreversible and substantial positive change in the lives of children we reach out to, leading them to a world of possibilities through schooling and education.

Samridhdhi's Culture includes creating opportunity by evolving and implementing need based ideas. We are focused on consistency, perseverance and hard work, adapting to change as and when needed. We believe in responsive action leading to intuitive, simple and pragmatic solutions of ever emerging issues on ground rather than depending on premeditated boardroom models and academic research and plans.

Samridhdhi's Core Values are guided by Absolute Honesty, Active Integrity, Rigorous Implementation of Ideas, Focused Hard Work, Consistency, Perseverance and Clinical Transparency.

Founders Profile


Mom Banerjee

With over 12 years of experience in Sales and Marketing in various corporates like HSBC, Ford Motors, Globsyn Technologies and Radisson Group. Next 5 years of experience  in social development in UNHCR, SOS Children's Villages including last 3 years in Intel Technology India as Manager, Community Relations (Corporate Social Responsibility). 

Why and How?

The founder of the organization was always looking for an opportunity to take part in the development of social and economical growth of the community around. This has been the personal and professional goal of the founder since childhood and now this has become a dream come true.

The first Bridge School was initiated 9 years ago by the founder as an voluntary effort which showed success and thus culminated into forming Samridhdhi Trust.

Success Story

Barnita Mondal, scored a whopping 95% in the PUC II. The daughter of proud parents, worked day and night to achieve this goal, as she outshone her peers in the highly competitive PCMB board exams. Basketball and chess being her favourite games, she claimed that she was never a bookworm, and that she had started her preparations from January. She is perusing degree in  Information Technology at reputed Engineering college Bangalore.