Samridhdhi Trust

Funding the mainstream school education

  • Once the students get admission to schools through proper admission tests, the parents are counseled to invest half of their admission fees while the other half is arranged through individual sponsors by Samridhdhi Trust
  • Thereafter the parents need to deposit the monthly tuition fees regularly and reimburse half the amount of monthly tuition fees from the organisation

Working Model

  • Set up a school in a rented/donated premises or set up a "tent school" nearest to the slum.
  • House to house School Enrollment Program inside the slum
  • School Enrolling Campaign at nearby slums housing 150-180 migrant families with about 250 out-of school children
  • Instill sense of hygiene through regular brushing, bathing routine at school
  • Provide nutritious breakfast of multigrain porridge and regular nutritious lunch
  • Provide them with uniforms, stationeries, books and other necessary items
  • Academics include English, Hindi, Mathematics, science, social science and mother tongue ( Bengali, Oriya, Telegu, Kannada)
  • Extracurricular activities include Dance, Music, Sports, Games, Computers, Trips to zoo, biscuit factories, museums
  • Teacher-Student Ratio: 1:25 (maximum)
  • A large number of subject/program specific volunteers (local housewives, working or retired professionals) help the teachers run the school effectively

Academic Model

  • Currently the Bridge school is divided into 4 levels. Students study in each level for a period of 3 months to one year and are promoted to the next level as soon as the capability grows. It is not necessary one year!
  • The first level students, irrespective of age, learns to identify alphabets of English, Hindi, Kannada, Mother tongue and English numbers of all along with basic communication using English and Hindi words
  • In Second level, students start writing alphabets and numbers along with spellings of 3-letter and 4-letter words and communication in small sentences
  • In third level, children are taught to write sentences in all languages and they do basic 4 operations of Maths with introduction of Social Studies and Science. We squeeze ICSE syllabus of Standard I and Standard II in one year
  • In  Fourth level, the ICSE syllabus of Standard III and IV is squeezed in one year