Afterschool Programs

Once the out-of-school children are integrated into regular schools, we support them with an Afterschool Program for the length of their schooling life. In the program, children reiterate the concepts they learn in school while getting exposure to additional activities for their holistic development.

The Need

Children who get admitted to schools through lateral entry are often unable to cope with the stress of structured syllabus and other expectations of mainstream schooling. 

Objective of Afterschool Programs

Enable the holistic development of the child and family

Ensure good performance in school academic assessments and curricular activities

Prevent children from dropping out of school

Monitor their studies through evening tuition

Guide them for higher studies and ultimately, establish them in their chosen field

Afterschool Program | Samridhdhi Trust
Children in the evening Afterschool Program

The Process

Under this project, the children spend 2 hours every day for:
  • academic support,
  • life skill training,
  • excursions,
  • counselling,
  • yoga practice,
  • technology skills, etc.
We also conduct parents’ workshops during the Afterschool Program to support the children.
After School 13
Dental Camp | Samridhdhi Trust
Health checks
AS club Brilliant - dance
School club - dancing lessons
Annual Sporst Day | Samridhdhi Trust
Sport activities
ASP KBP 2019
Art and craft
Afterschool Program Model - Samridhdhi Trust
Afterschool Program Model


Consolidated data for Bridge Schools 2010-19
Consolidated data for Afterschool Program 2010-19


We have been able to bridge and admit 3000+ children in government and private English schools.

We have retained 90% of the children (not relocated to their native) through the Afterschool Program.

Parents are convinced to invest half of the annual fees for their children.

We have been able to capture complete documentation of 30% of students and families who relocated to their native. Many of these children are studying in local schools.

Samridhdhi students set a 100% record in 2nd PUC (10+2) in 2018-19.