Intern At Samridhdhi Trust

We invite you to intern with us and gain work experience. There are multiple opportunities.

  • Help make an effective communication plan for Samridhdhi Trust’s model of work, complete with a brochure, revamping the website, newsletter, and usage of social media.
  • Make the Annual Report and/or Donor Report Template.
  • Make an appraisal and evaluation system for Samridhdhi staff after understanding the various facets of Samridhdhi Trust’s model of work.
  • Help reach out to more migrant communities by conducting baseline surveys at different locations/slums with the mapping of slums housing migrant communities with corresponding mainstream schools, corporations and apartment complexes within the community reach.
  • Teach at our Afterschool Project.
  • Teach English and computers to our staff.
  • Groom the children who are about to step into mainstream school.
  • Groom the high school children during the summer vacation on specified arenas.
  • Connect with corporations and funding agencies to present the Samridhdhi model of work and its plans.
  • Establish a network of individuals who will sponsor children who are admitted to mainstream schools.
  • Work extensively on social media, and contact HR Managers and secretaries/presidents of the Associations of apartment houses and clubs. You will work under our guidance as much as you would need to develop your own contacts.

Please write to us if you have an idea of a work option not included here. We will discuss it if deemed of merit.

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