Finishing Schools

The Finishing School was a later addition to the portfolio of Samridhdhi Trust’s services for out-of-school children.

The Need

As the children from the Bridge program integrated into regular schools, grew older and started attending high school and college, it was observed that further support was required. The youth needed to hone aptitude and soft skills and develop self-awareness of strengths and weaknesses to choose a vocation most suited to them. This would help them become employment ready.

Thus, the Finishing School was started with components of skill development, life skills, career awareness workshops, business English and building a holistic outlook on science and technology.

Objective of Finishing Schools

Develop employability skills of high school children

Orient them to choose the right vocation that suits their aptitude, personality, interests and talents

Initiate self-learning and problem solving

Develop a long-term vision of transformation for themselves, their families and communities

The Process

The children are made aware of market demands, eligibility requirements and career opportunities through in-depth exposure. This is critical to their employability and success.
The children are coached on:
  • English communication
  • Science and Technology with science labs and robotics
  • Computer basic and advanced programs with NIIT certification
  • Life skills
  • Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English for grades X and XII
  • Aptitude Tests and Aptitude Mapping
  • Professional qualifying exams like CET, COMEDK, etc.
Understanding and retention of topics are enabled using computer-aided learning, the teaching of regular subjects as well as experiential learning through exposure to Science and Technology Programs.
Workshop at the Finishing School | Samridhdhi Trust
Workshop for students

Internship Opportunities

Internships are provided to children who are interested in specific domains.

Domain Exposure

The children are exposed to various work/skill domains such as Banking, Retail, Hospitality, Accounting, Engineering, Development, Education, HR and Management through workshops, industry visits and internships.

Financial Guidance

The children are assisted for higher studies through educational loans, scholarships and sponsorships.

Placement Assistance

Children above 18 years of age, who are willing to work or start a business, are placed in companies of interest.

Social Responsibility

Children are also oriented on social issues through relevant films and documentaries regularly.

Mentoring session at the Finishing School | samridhdhi Trust
Mentoring session
Designathon at Finishing School | Samridhdhi Trust
Computer literacy workshop | Samridhdhi Trust
Computer literacy workshop

Outcome & Achievements

75 children have been through the Finishing School Program.

30 children are currently in Higher Secondary at reputed colleges such as Christ College, CMRIT College, Dayanand Sagar College and St. Joseph’s College.

7 children are completing their graduation with educational loans.

One child has completed Engineering after being selected through CET. She has won a scholarship. Three other children are pursuing Engineering.

Several others are pursuing B Com, BA, BBA in Hospitality Management and Paramedical Services.

Most of the older students volunteer in various capacities, teaching their juniors, surveying, documentation, etc., which demonstrates their will to give back to society.

Some students have been employed by Samridhdhi Trust itself while some have been placed in part-time and full-time jobs.