Working Model

The working model in Samridhdhi Trust is based on a 360-degree approach towards the holistic development of the migrant children and the communities they come from.
Step 1: Out-of-school children aged 6-14 years are identified through surveys and enrolled in the BRIDGE PROGRAMS.
Step 2: After a year in the Bridge Schools, the children are integrated into a government or English-medium private school.
Step3: Through their schooling years, children are supported for 2 hours a day through the AFTERSCHOOL PROGRAMS.
Step 4: The children who move on to vocational training or higher education in colleges are supported with the FINISHING SCHOOLS.
Step 5: Samridhdhi facilitates the higher education and placement of young graduates.

Throughout the process, need-based steps are taken to ensure the children continue with their education.

For example:

  • Sibling care for 0-5-year-olds is provided for older children to continue in the Bridge Program.
  • The health, hygiene and nutrition of the children are ensured through the practice of clean habits, provision of meals, etc.
  • Life skills, counselling (children and parents), financial literacy, and more are provided to the children to become independent and strong decision-makers.
Samridhdhi Trust students
Samridhdhi Trust students
Samridhdhi Trust students
Samridhdhi Bridge Project 2018
Samridhi Trust's Program Continuum - FRom Cradle to Employment