Sports Day, Fun day: the impressive performance of the Children of Samridhdhi!

It is the Annual Sports Day!

Every year Samridhdhi takes part in organising a Sports Day for the children we are working with. This year, it happened on Saturday 25th of January, and it was the occasion for them, and for the kids of the Bangalore Effective Education Task Force (BEETF) to get together and participate in a series of friendly competitions.

Samridhdhi Trust - opening march

This inter-school tournament is particularly important for us because it is dedicated to helping children to develop a healthy attitude towards sports and promote the spirit of fair play. Throughout the day, all children of all ages have shown endless energy and dedication, never tiring and always smiling. They have put up their best efforts in every single game.

For this occasion, many entertaining activities were organised by our devoted volunteers for the children to participate in: the clumsy sack races, the impressive skipping road race, the exciting lemon races (where children have to cross the field with lemons balanced on a spoon), or the more traditional relays: everybody could find something they enjoyed.

Samridhdhi Trust

In the afternoon, Kabaddi and Kho Kho tournaments happened to be this day’s biggest successes, and even grown-ups took part and played the games, to everybody’s delight.

Samridhdhi Trust - Kho Kho
SamridhdTrust - Kabbadi

Without surprise, it was particularly entertaining for the kids, but the teachers also had their fair share of enjoyment. Ever-dedicated to their success, they proved to be quite competitive as well, if not more! Proudly, they never stopped to cheer up their pupils and they even shared their triumph whenever one of them arrived on the podium.

Samridhdi Trust- Charu and children

Finally, at the end of the day, it was time for the award-giving ceremony. One by one, beautiful colored medals and cups were given out to the winners. A cheerful moment for everyone, and one that the children of Samridhdhi and BEETF are sure to never forget!

Samridhdi Trust - Award ceremony
Samridhdi Trust - Award ceremony

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